This is a 6-CD kit that includes a Guided Meditation CD guaranteed to help you get into your internal dialogue and the MESSAGES that reside in your body. Dr. Leslie Hewitt interviewed 13 female health experts. She gets into the TRUTH about well-being with questions that raise consciousness. From the holistic model to the medical model, each interview sheds light on ways to create congruency in your health so your message to the world comes from a place of well-being.




Dr. Leslie Hewitt is excited to share The New Glossary ™ with you. She is offering a FREE peak into a several words that are going to be a quantum leap for you when you can influence your community with your language and through the clarity of your MESSAGE. The next step for your process in expressing your MESSAGE from your inner landscape is to mindfully managing your glossary. Your ideas are great, and they are coming from the deepest part of your SOUL PURPOSE. The New Glossary ™ sneak peak shares where you may be undermining all of that BRILLIANCE in the way you formulate your sentences. She is writing a book about all the words YOU will want to use regularly, however this FREE offer starts you off with the words that you will want to take a closer look.



The WOW Talks: Women of Wellness

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Are you experiencing one or more of these things in business?

  • You secretly dread someone asking you “what do you do?”
  • You long for visibility and recognition, yet feel overwhelmed.
  • You struggle with identifying your ideal clients or niche.
  • You have a message to share, but you’re not sure how to craft it.
  • You want to create an impact, but you aren’t sure what the best ways are.
  • You know that 80% of communication is non-verbal.
  • You feel anxious when you talk about your business.
  • You know you have limiting beliefs about money.

It is time to step into your Sacred Purpose with Self-worth!

      • Craft your answer to the question, “What do you do?”
      • Effectively share your message in your enrollment conversations.
      • Authentically identify your ideal clients or niche.
      • Develop your energetic message and voice.
      • Share your message through speaking.
      • Develop your personal branding.
      • Clear underlying beliefs that are prohibiting you.
      • Receive messages from your inner being.
      • Send your message  easier and more effective.
      • Create compelling videos that express your message.
      • Become the Leader of your own movement.
      • And much, much more!